Crooked Lake Creamery & Deli carries Andover’s only super premium hard ice cream from Chocolate Shoppe of Madison, Wisconsin. What is super premium ice cream? Not just a marketing slogan. It means that our ice cream has only 35-40% of the air content typical in ice cream so it’s thicker and creamier with less air and more delicious ingredients including cane sugar. Check out our current flavors below. We plan to stock 28 flavors in our dipping cabinets at a time, rotating some seasonally as well as some limited release offerings! If you don’t see your favorite in our dipping cabinet, ask us! We might have it in the back freezer just waiting for you.

Note: We update this page periodically but other flavors may be substituted for what’s shown below if inventory of a popular flavor runs out. One of the best things about our ice cream is trying something new!

Vegan and gluten free options noted below as applicable. For more nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information visit

Ice Cream Flavors

Banana Cream Pie: Your favorite comfort food now on a cone! Banana ice cream churned with a marshmallow ripple and real Nilla Wafers.
Bang! Iced Latte Da: Fantastic caffeinated espresso ice cream with fudge swirls and chocolate chunks.
Birthday Cake: Rainbow bursts of fun confetti sprinkles packed into rich yellow cake ice cream. This party in a pint is topped off with festive swirls of blue buttercream frosting and bursts of colorful confetti sprinkles.
(Gluten Free)
Blueberry Cheesecake: Delectably smooth cheesecake ice cream topped off with a tangy blueberry ripple and soft cheesecake chunks.
Brownie Cascade: Classic, creamy chocolate ice cream exploding with brownie pieces, caramel cups and a sweet fudge ripple.
Butter Pecan: Buttery pecan ice cream with boat-loads of crispy, lightly roasted and salted pecans.
(Gluten Free)
Chocolate: All-natural, classic chocolate ice cream made with real, rich cocoas.
(Gluten Free)
Cookie Dough: Sweet cookie-flavored ice cream with heaps of soft chocolate chip cookie dough chunks and tons of rich chocolate chips.
Cotton Candy Twist: Blue and pink cotton candy ice creams spun together for that whimsical carnival sensation!
(Gluten Free)
Electric Watermelon Italian Ice: Refreshing watermelon Italian ice with a jolt of sour to leave you feeling electric.
(Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free)
Espresso Oreo: Crisp coffee-infused ice cream loaded with heaps of sweet Oreos.
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang: Irresistibly smooth cheesecake ice cream mixed with a sweet raspberry ripple, Oreo cookies and soft chocolate chunks.
Mint Avalanche: A mint lover’s paradise! Fresh mint ice cream loaded with Andes® Candies and Grasshopper® cookies spun off with a chocolate fudge swirl.
Moose Tracks: Sweet vanilla ice cream packed with mini chocolate peanut butter cups and swirls of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate fudge.
(Gluten Free)
Munchie Madness: Sweet cake batter ice cream swirled with a salted caramel ripple and brimming with Oreos, M&M pieces and peanut butter cups.
Old Fashioned Vanilla: An award-winning and all-natural classic vanilla ice cream made with Wisconsin cream, cane sugar and pure vanilla.
(Gluten Free)
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough: Vanilla ice cream loaded with soft cookie dough chunks, rich chocolate flakes, and a thick peanut butter ripple.
Rainbow Sherbet: Orange, Lime, and Raspberry flavored sherbets classically swirled together.
(Gluten Free)
Raspberry Lemon Italian Ice: Non-dairy, non-fat sweet raspberry and tart lemon Italian ices swirled together for an irresistibly refreshing treat.
(Vegan, Gluten Free)
Raspberry Rhapsody: Black raspberry ice cream swirled with a sweet raspberry ripple and heavenly chocolate covered raspberry cups.
(Gluten Free)
Rhubarb Crumble: Sweet, cream cheese frosting ice cream, spun with a bright rhubarb jam and a buttery shortbread crumble.
S’more to Love (limited time): Crushed graham cracker ice cream with melty layers of chocolate and marshmallow.
Strawberry: Award-winning and deliciously fresh strawberry ice cream loaded to the brim with real, whole strawberries.
(Gluten Free)
Superman: Meet your new kryptonite… Cherry, Blue Moon and Vanilla ice creams combine forces to bring you one super scoop!
(Gluten Free)
THIS $&@! JUST GOT SERIOUS®: Award-winning, smooth salted caramel ice cream brimming with rich sea salt fudge and salted cashews.
Ultimate Oreo: Scrumptious Oreo crumb ice cream packed with boat-loads of whole Oreo cookies.
Vanilla Oat Cream: Indulgently creamy non-dairy frozen dessert blended with oat milk and vanilla.
(Vegan, Gluten Free)
Ultimate Oreo Oat Cream: Classic vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert made with delicious, semi-sweet chocolate chips.
Zanzibar Chocolate: All-natural and award-winning chocolate ice cream made with three kinds of cocoa for a rich, fudge brownie taste.
(Gluten Free)
Zoreo: Fudge-like Zanzibar® chocolate ice cream swirled with gooey marshmallow, Oreos and bittersweet chocolate chunks.